Myprotein White Chocolate Bundle

A host of white chocolate nutritious goodies

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Why did we create this White Chocolate Bundle?

Whilst constantly on the go with the hectic lifestyles we often face, it can be hard to make the best choices and will power can easily fall. Here at Myprotein we want you to reach your individual goal(s) without giving up all your favourite foods, and that’s why we’re constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to help satisfy your cravings – without sabotaging your training! Check out this fantastic bundle full of some White Chocolate delicious goodies!

Impact Whey Protein, White Chocolate, 1kg

  • What? – Impact Whey Protein is made up of premium, grass-fed whey and offers an impressive nutritional profile including BCAA’s, Glutamine and high quality protein.
  • When to take? – Consuming 1 large scoop (25g) pre/post workout or anytime throughout the day to increase daily protein intake.
  • Why?  - 21g of high quality protein per serving which will contribute to the growth, maintenance and repair of muscle mass. Also, this protein powder is extremely versatile and can be consumed as a shake or added to recipes and snacks.

MyBar Oats & Whey (Sample) - Real Raspberry

  • What? – Newly formulated, these nutritious flapjacks are the ultimate high protein snack with additional fibre and low sugar content. You sure won’t be disappointed with the indulgent taste of these raspberry gems!
  • When to take? – Consume as a high protein snack throughout the day to meet your individual daily protein targets.
  • Why?  - Each 88g bar provides a complex blend of carbohydrates, diverting away from the usual high sugary flapjacks. 22g of protein per barf will help contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the high fibre content will support everyday health and vitality.

White Chocolate Brownie, 12x75g

  • What? – Irresistibly chocolatey and chewy, these protein brownies are crafted with the finest white chocolate chips.
  • When to take? – Consume as a nutritious snack to increase your daily protein intake.
  • Why?  - 23g of high quality protein per brownie will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and each brownie contains up to 75% less sugar than the standard supermarket brownie, so what are you waiting for – make the guilt free decision – you probably deserve them!

Protein Cookie (Sample), White Chocolate Almond, Foil, 75g

  • What? – Myproteins highest protein snack available to date baked using cutting edge technology to create a delectably soft texture.
  • When to take? –Consume as a nutritious snack to increase your daily protein intake.
  • Why?  - An impressive 38g of protein per cookies will help contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass as the carbohydrate content will help fuel daily activities and workouts. On top of this, each cookie hosts 70% less sugar and 40% less fat than your standard supermarket cookie.

Almond Butter Coconut Smooth - Tub - 1kg

  • What? – Made simply from roasting the natural skins of almonds, this great-tasting blend hosts a remarkable nutritional profile which is free from added salt, sugar, palm oil and preservatives.
  • When to take? –Perfect nutritious addition to recipes, snacks, smoothies and more.
  • Why?  - A rich source of protein, healthy fats, magnesium and vitamin E to support your everyday training, health and vitality.

All of the aforementioned supplements should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, appropriate recovery and sleep and an individually tailored training program if you want to achieve the best results and performances.

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Myprotein White Chocolate Bundle

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Myprotein White Chocolate Bundle
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