The Myprotein Thermal Water Bottle is the perfect bottle for keeping your drink either hot or cold throughout your training session.

The 500ml capacity bottle is wrapped in a flexible material known as Nanogel® which is regarded as the best and lightest solid insulating material in the world. Light weight, squeezable and completely BPA free, this bottle provides unsurpassed thermal performance.

A recent study showed that consuming a cold drink (4°C) during exercise reduces the rise in core body temperature when compared to consuming a room temperature drink. Reducing core body temperature may result in better exercise adherance and performance.

Manufactured by Italian company Elite, the leading performance bottle manufacturers in the world, the Myprotein Thermal Water Bottle is ideal for those looking to keep their drink cool and refreshing throughout their exercise session.

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  • Keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 4 hours
  • 500ml capacity
  • Ergonomic desgin for ease of use
  • Soft rubber nozzle provides quick liquid flow

Rekommenderad användning

Pour desired amount of liquid in to bottle. Screw lid tight until secure. Lift nozzle and squeeze to begin drinking. Only suitable in dishwashers below 40°C. Please note: Our Blenders and Shakers are not designed to transport liquids, their intended use is to mix powders and liquids in to a smooth consistency immediately before consumption.

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Myprotein isolerad vattenflaska

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Myprotein isolerad vattenflaska
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