Terry Hollands' Pack

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The Terry Hollands' Pack contains three effective products designed to improve strength and mass. Endorsed by seven-time World’s Strongest Man finalist Terry Hollands, the combination of Hard Gainer Extreme, Instant Oats and Creapure® is a great selection for those looking to push their training to the next level.


Hard Gainer Extreme 2.5kg Chocolate Smooth – An excellent choice for anyone looking to gain mass fast. Hard Gainer Extreme is a great tasting, calorie-packed mass-gain formula containing 35g of high quality protein per serving.

Instant Oats 2.5kg Unflavoured - A fantastic source of low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates, ideal for a sustained energy release. The versatility of Instant Oats allows you to add them to your existing supplement shake, consume them on their own or even add them to certain foods like yoghurt, smoothies and baked goods.

Creapure® 250g Unflavoured - Made by AlzChem in Germany, Creapure® is world-renowned to be the purest and best quality micronized Creatine Monohydrate available. Creapure® is ideal for anyone looking to improve their power, strength, speed and lean mass.


  • Three vital supplements for building mass
  • Supports muscle recovery and repair
  • Includes Creatine Monohydrate for improved endurance

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Terry Hollands' Pack

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Terry Hollands' Pack