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Benedikt Magnusson Power Stack

As used by Raw Deadlift World Record holder Benedikt Magnusson, this bundle is designed to help you build mass whilst increasing power and strength.

A great dietary addition for anyone looking to improve power and size, the bundle includes four key supplements and a Myprotein Blender bottle to provide you with everything you need to take your training to new heights.

The bundle combines a wide range of nutrients through the BCAAs, Alpha Men Multivitamins, Omega 3 Liquid and Hard Gainer Extreme to support recovery, improve overall health and build serious power.

Benedikt Magnusson

“I chose these products as they are staples in my day-to-day diet and training regime. I believe that they are the ideal selection of products for anyone serious about gaining power, strength and mass.” - Benedikt Magnusson Myprotein Ambassador and Deadlift World Record Holder


Hard Gainer Extreme, Chocolate Smooth, Pouch, 2.5kg- Packed with over 440 calories per 100g serving, this is the perfect supplement for those looking to add quality mass to support power training.

BCAA Berry Blast, 250G - Provides Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine to support recovery and prevent muscle breakdown.

Alpha Men Super Multi Vitamin, 120 Tabs - A unique and highly effective blend of high potency vitamins and minerals essential for health and wellbeing.

Omega 3 Liquid Super Strength Strawberry, 150ml - A great and easy way to consume Omega-3 for healthy living. Provides a convenient way to consume high amounts of EPA & DHA.

MyProtein Blender Bottle, 400ml - A unique Blender Bottle designed to help you mix your individual sports supplements with minimal effort.


  • 4 key supplements to support power
  • Includes BCAA to reduce muscle breakdown
  • Excellent value

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Benedikt Magnusson Power Stack

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Benedikt Magnusson Power Stack